I am currently a Senior Research and Instrument Analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute working on the Near-InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS) onboard the James Webb Space Telescope.

I earned my Ph.D. from the City University of New York Graduate Center and College of Staten Island in 2016 working with my advisor Emily Rice in the BDNYC Research Group. My focus was to determine precise fundamental and secondary parameters for M, L, T, and Y dwarfs via construction of spectral energy distributions.

I also built the BDNYC Database, a public SQL database of astrometry, photometry, and spectra for about 1500 ultracool dwarfs.

I can be reached at jfilippazzo at stsci dot edu. Take a look at my CV here. Check out hover2pi on Github for SQL astro database management, SED construction and analysis, MCMC model atmosphere fitting routines, science education software, and other useful tools I have written.

Refereed Publications (ADS Search)

  1. Konopacky, Quinn M. ; Rameau, Julien ; Duchene, Gaspard ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Giorla Godfrey, Paige A. ; + 51 others Discovery of a Substellar Companion to the Nearby Debris Disk Host HR 2562. Accepted by The Astrophysical Journal. (2016)
  2. Buzard, Cam; Cruz, Kelle L. ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Rice, Emily L. ; Faherty, Jacqueline K. Quantifying K Band Spectral Shapes in L Type Brown Dwarfs and Planetary Mass Sources. Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal. (2016)
  3. Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Giorla Godfrey, Paige A. ; Cruz, Kelle L. ; Douglas, Stephanie T. ; Rodriguez, David R. ; Rice, Emily L. astrodbkit: A Python Package for Simple Integration of SQL Databases in Astronomy Research. Submitted to The Astrophysical Journal. (2016)
  4. Faherty, Jacqueline K. ; Riedel, Adric ; Cruz, Kelle L. ; Gagné, Jonathan ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Lambrides, Erini ; Fica, Haley ; Weinberger, Alycia ; Thorstenstein ; Tinney, Christopher ; Rice, Emily L. ; Baldassare, Vivienne ; Lemonier, Emily Population Properties of Brown Dwarf Analogs to Exoplanets. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Volume 225, Issue 1, 10 pp. (2016)
  5. Gizis, John E. ; Dettman, Kyle G. ; Burgasser, Adam J. ; Camnasio, Sara ; Alam, Munazza ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Cruz, Kelle L. ; Metchev, Stanimir ; Berger, Edo ; Williams, Peter K. G. Kepler Monitoring of an L Dwarf II: Clouds with Multiyear Lifetimes. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 813, Issue 2, article id. 104, 10 pp. (2015)
  6. Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Rice, Emily L. ; Faherty, Jacqueline K. ; Cruz, Kelle L. ; Van Gordon, Mollie M. ; Looper, Dagny L. Fundamental Parameters and Spectral Energy Distributions for Young and Field Age Objects with Masses Spanning the Stellar to Planetary Regime. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 810, Issue 2, article id. 158, 46 pp. (2015)
  7. Gagné, Jonathan ; Burgasser, Adam J. ; Faherty, Jacqueline K. ; Lafrenière, David ; Doyon, René ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Bowsher, Emily ; Nicholls, Christine P. SDSS J111010.01+011613.1: A New Planetary-mass T Dwarf Member of the AB Doradus Moving Group. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 808, Issue 1, article id. L20, 6 pp. (2015).
  8. Mann, Andrew W. ; Kraus, Adam ; Boyajian, Tabetha S. ; Gaidos, Eric ; von Braun, Kaspar ; Feiden, Gregory A. ; Metcalfe, Travis ; Swift, Jonathan J. ; Curtis, Jason L. ; Deacon, Niall R. ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Gillen, Ed ; Hejazi, Neda ; Newton, Elisabeth R. 18th Cambridge Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun, Proceedings of the conference held at Lowell Observatory, 8-14 June, 2014. Edited by G. van Belle and H.C. Harris., pp.80-104 (2015)
  9. Faherty, Jacqueline K. ; Beletsky, Yuri ; Burgasser, Adam J. ; Tinney, Chris ; Osip, David J. ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Simcoe, Robert A. Signatures of Cloud, Temperature, and Gravity from Spectra of the Closest Brown Dwarfs. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 790, Issue 2, article id. 90, 12 pp. (2014)

Publications In Preparation

  • Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Rice, Emily L. ; Faherty, Jacqueline, K.; Giorla Godfrey, Paige Fundamental Parameters of Y Dwarfs and Gas Giant Exoplanets.
  • Giorla Godfrey, Paige A. ; Rice, Emily L. ; Filippazzo, Joseph C. ; Douglas, Stephanie T. Model Fitting Prescriptions Targeting the T Dwarf Spectral Class.

Figures From My Work

Here is a sequence of flux calibrated field age MLT dwarf SEDs.

SED Field Sequence

And here is the above field age sequence (grey lines) with three bona fide young flux calibrated SEDs overplotted to show the luminosity and temperature discrepancies in different wavelength ranges.

SED Young Sequence

The plot below shows effective temperature as a function of spectral type for 263 ultracool dwarfs. Field age (left) and young (right) M9-T6 dwarfs produce distinct sequences indicating that spectral type is not a reliable proxy for Teff in this mass range if age is not considered. Young substellar objects have comparable luminosities but larger radii than field age objects of the same spectral type, resulting in temperature differences within a subtype of up to 500 K.

SpT v Teff


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